The city: Gijón

The city of Gijón is ideally located in the centre of the Asturias coast and offers excellent access to the most important parts of the region.

If you want to explore Asturias, its towns and cities and fishing ports, villages and mountain scenery, open spaces, and much more, Gijón is definitely the place to come, whether for a rest or some fun.

Its spacious Playa de San Lorenzo, promenade, the marina, its Semana Negra, its social life and its festive atmosphere will lure you towards exploring a city which lives in the streets in the summer months, and is bustling and cheerful. But its tourist attractions are not limited to this; Gijón is an absolute must for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, it has a wealth of museums and hosts many types of cultural events (Festival Internacional de Cine [International Cinema Festival], Salón del Libro Iberoamericano [Spanish and Latin American Book Fair]; some of its museums are worth seeing for their originality, including the Museo del Ferrocarril [railway museum], Museo Internacional de la Gaita [flute museum]. Others recount the story of its illustrious past, like the Casa Natal de Jovellanos, the Museo de Nicanor Piñole or the Palacio de Revillagigedo.
The city offers its visitors a whole range of options, from leisure, sporting and recreational activities for holiday periods, areas where you can get away from it all and amenities for businessmen with plenty of equipment and facilities for conferences and meetings.

Gijón, an historic, commercial and industrial centre, is the largest city in Asturias, where the sea, rolling mountains and the city come together to form one of the most attractive areas in northern Spain.


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