The city: Gijón

The city of Gijón is ideally located in the centre of the Asturias coast and offers excellent access to the most important parts of the region.

If you want to explore Asturias, its towns and cities and fishing ports, villages and mountain scenery, open spaces, and much more, Gijón is definitely the place to come, whether for a rest or some fun.

Its spacious Playa de San Lorenzo, promenade, the marina, its Semana Negra, its social life and its festive atmosphere will lure you towards exploring a city which lives in the streets in the summer months, and is bustling and cheerful. But its tourist attractions are not limited to this; Gijón is an absolute must for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, it has a wealth of museums and hosts many types of cultural events (Festival Internacional de Cine [International Cinema Festival], Salón del Libro Iberoamericano [Spanish and Latin American Book Fair]; some of its museums are worth seeing for their originality, including the Museo del Ferrocarril [railway museum], Museo Internacional de la Gaita [flute museum]. Others recount the story of its illustrious past, like the Casa Natal de Jovellanos, the Museo de Nicanor Piñole or the Palacio de Revillagigedo.
The city offers its visitors a whole range of options, from leisure, sporting and recreational activities for holiday periods, areas where you can get away from it all and amenities for businessmen with plenty of equipment and facilities for conferences and meetings.

Gijón, an historic, commercial and industrial centre, is the largest city in Asturias, where the sea, rolling mountains and the city come together to form one of the most attractive areas in northern Spain.

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

The "City of Culture" is the result of a project of transformation which the government of the Principality of Asturias started in 2001 in order to revitalize the building of the former Tecnical College of Gijón.
The headquarter of the Radio and Televison Company of the Principality of Asturias in the ancinet convent of the Poor Clare Sisters, the Laboral centre for industrial Art and Creation, the integrated Centre for vocational training, the shop in the corinthian courtyard, the Tower, the Drama school, the Curch, the Café, the Theatre, the Auditorium and the University school of "Jovellanos" are some of the places you can find in the "City of Culture"

Roman Baths in Campo Valdés

The archaeological museum of the Roman Baths in Campo Valdés is a museum created to preserve, research and disseminate public bathhouses of Roman age. The suitability for the visit to the archaeological site in their original context allows visitors to learn and better understand their characteristics.

Toursitic Bus Gijón

Since April, the Touristic Bus is a new way to meet Gijón.

Jardín Botánico Atlántico

You are at the gates of a cathedral, at the entrance to a museum, about to enter the passage of time, about to experience a whole range of powerful, unexpected emotions. The Jardín Botánico Atlántico you are going to visit is a lay cathedral in which the columns are trees, the domes their leaves and branches, and the mystery is provided by the small and large plants, the sound of water and the age-old rumble of the earth. You will discover a once-in-a-lifetime museum with unique works of art which are absolutely priceless.

Acuario de Gijón

The Acuario de Gijón, near the Playa de Poniente has seen record numbers of visitors since it opened in 2006. It is an amazing place, with state-of-the-art equipment which will tempt children and grown-ups alike and teach them about marine flora and fauna from the 5 continents.

Casino of Asturias

Convieved as a centre for recreation, amusement and entertainment, the Casino of Asturias has turned into the main promoter of artistic, cultural and gastronomic activities in Asturias.


"Talasoponiente" is a centre for recreation , health and beauty. A new concept of room to enjoy the benefits of the sea, open for everyone and planned for you to relax, to have a good time, to look after yourself and for your wellbeing in general. A thermal centre of the 21st century thought for enjoying the moment , every day of the week.

Semana Negra

Gijón becomes a cultural centre with something for everyone, where you can reflect and exchange ideas about music, art and literature. It is a large, open-air festival, with free concerts, things to see and do, entertainments and a wonderful, ongoing festive atmosphere.

Semana Grande de Begoña

A real festive spirit takes over the city during this festival. Concerts open to the public in a number of different squares, with first-rate programmes.

Natural Sidra Festival

festival is normally held the week after the Semana Grande de Gijón (on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The festival is dedicated to the most popular drink of the Asturias, with free tasting sessions of natural cider-tasting, Guinness World Record for simultaneous pouring of cider, waiters' competitions, traditional music and the Mercadillo de la Sidra y la Manzana [a small market selling cider and apples]. A unique festival.

Slash Surf School Gijón

Surf School in front of the San Lorenzo beach, near the Hotel Abba Playa Gijón. It offers courses throughout the year, levels (beginners, advanced and competition) as well as equipment rental service. Classes are taught by Technical instructors at Surf Sports by MEC, with extensive experience in competition.
Has new facilities with changing rooms, audiovisual room, cloakroom and board storage.
The Slash Surf School Gijón has the best guarantee to make their courses an unique and unforgettable experience.

Speedy water diving center

The centre "Speedy Water“ is located in the Sport Harbour of Gijon. With more than 10 years of experience with diving, we would like to make the access to this sport easy for everyone. Enjoy the cantabrian bottom of the sea with maximum security and commodity, in a friendly and professional surrounding.